Song Title
The Necks Fatal Chemist 2006
Tom Dissevelt Syncopation Forbidden Planets: Music from the Pioneers of Electronic Sound 2009
Ween - Frank (160kbit Opus) Frank (160kbit Opus)
Chromatics Hands In The Dark After Dark 2007
Archaic Inventions Xiro - Religious Wars (Tape, 1980 Australia, Minimalistic Post-Punk) - Full Tape EP 2017
Caveman Shoestore Knife Edge Flux 1994
Henk Elenga Prehistory Woman What's Behind That Curtain
saynotonowave Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's Going To Happen (Wall Of Dwarfs version) 2012
PLUS INSTRUMENTS Paradise Exile In Paradise 2013
szatowski Wetware - All Angles Formed A Bed 2017
Comateens Ghost Comateens LP 1981
NSRD Kastanis (denoised by Radio Mulot) ****** Faktu vispar nav 1987
Skeleton Crew - You may find a bed (192kbit Opus) You may find a bed (192kbit Opus)
Devo The Last Time I Saw Saint Louis Hardcore Devo: Volume 3 1991
14 Deus Lhe Pague 14 Deus Lhe Pague ** (exotique)
strawb365days-media RAP strawb365days-media RAP 2013
Italien Prog nekotaro netakiri ???BGM????(??? 2019
Balso Snell "The Brillant Words of Mr. Larry LaLonde" 2011
Nine Inch Nails & Peter Murphy Chicago Radio Session (Soundboard) *** Warsaw Q101 Chicago Radio Session (Soundboard) 7/1/
Hernan Martinez The Fall Mansion 2013
The Legendary Pink Dots - Blacklist (160kbit Opus) Blacklist (160kbit Opus)
john j. lafia - life is short (152kbit Opus) life is short (152kbit Opus)
Tall Dwarfs - Topic Bodies 2015
Paul Jacobs - Vincent (Don McLean Cover) (2016)
Yma Sumac Ataypura (High Andes) Voice Of The Xtabay 1950
Radio Mulot SOURIS MP3
wio d'hespeel de portables - Troy (Sinead O'Connor) 2017
Ween - Boing (160kbit Opus) Boing (160kbit Opus)
FlyingJunk SPARKS England (Rare Single) 2011
David Lynch The Line It Curves The Big Dream 2013
budoka 68 Sudden Sway - The Traffic Tax Scheme 2015
No Bones Brave It, Darling Amy Denio 1986
Paljetak Krava Sa Zelenim Ocima (child music) ***
Lindsay Cooper - Botticelli (152kbit Opus) Botticelli (152kbit Opus)
Artery Afterwards (Remix) *** Into The Garden - An Artery Collection